Youth with a Mission, often called YWAM, is a global movement of Christians dedicated to knowing God and making God known. We are from every nation and we go to every nation. YWAM started in 1960 as a way to get young people involved in missions. Now nearly 60 years later, we are still a movement of young people, but we are also a multi-generational tribe of every age. We have a saying that we welcome everyone from “9 to 90 years old.” Because we are multi-generational and multi-cultural movement, we have every kind of outreach and ministry you can imagine: from street-dance evangelism in Germany to bible translation in India, from hiking mountains to unreached people groups in the Himalayas to bringing kingdom-culture to the business world in America, from teaching education to kids in a village in Thailand to ministering to prostitutes in the brothels of Amsterdam. YWAM has 18,000 staff working in over 180 nations in 1,100+ locations around the world. We are constantly moving, creating, pioneering and starting new ministries.

YWAM has a place for everyone. We value the individual, which is one of our 18 values as a movement. We believe that everyone is “Created in the image of God, people of all nationalities, ages and functions have distinctive contributions and callings. We are committed to honoring God-given leadership and ministry gifts in both men and women.” In partnership with this we also believe that hearing God both personally and corporately is an integral part of knowing Him and making Him known to the nations of the earth. 

Want to join YWAM? The starting point to join as staff is to take a Discipleship Training School. Once you complete this school, you can apply to staff at any YWAM location worldwide. You can also join us for up to a year to work as a mission-builder.


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