YWAM Grimerud is excited to present a Pan-European Leadership Training School (LTS) !
The LTS takes place in 5 sessions over the course of 10 months in 5 different locations throughout all 4 regions of YWAM Europe.

The LTS has 4 defined objectives:
1. Establish deeper and lasting relationships between leaders throughout YWAM Europe, including children and spouses.
2. Facilitate real mentoring and coaching relationships between base leaders/other leaders and senior leaders in Europe.
3. Develop and strengthen skills, primarily in leadership and project development.
4. Promote the infusion of our YWAM DNA throughout the region.

This LTS is designed for base leaders, base leadership teams, ministry leaders and school leaders. We believe the outcome of this LTS will be central in shaping the future of YWAM Europe.

Family Friendly
One of the key factors required to ensure sustainability in leadership is to engage both spouses in ministry. Often, we see that wives, as they focus to raise children, feel they need to disengage from ministry to be able to focus on the home. Too often, we have seen that this division has made it hard for some leaders to fully engage. Therefore, we want to make this LTS family-friendly. Our goal is that couples can bring kids along to some of the sessions, because with a busy schedule, it is hard to take 12 weeks off to travel for a school. This LTS is set up in such a way that leaders can carry on with daily responsibilities and engage as a LTS student!

Teachers and staff:
We are excited to announce several confirmed speakers, including Darlene and Loren Cunningham, Jim Stier, Bruce Clewett, Markus Steffen, Jeff Fountain and others. Our staff include Jim and Judy Orred, Joseph and Monica Avakian, Dick and Ulla Brouwer, Terje and Eva Konradsen, Yohanan Rempt, Jan Torland, Runar and Alice Byberg, Sasha and Luda Volyanyk, Hans Sandtorp, Sarah Voss, and Jan Torland. We expect to be about 25 staff in total.

Dates and locations:
Talinn – JUNE 7.-14. 2018 Estonia

What will happen in between?
We are developing an E-learning platform for virtual communities where we can facilitate small groups, one-on-ones, exchange of assignments, Q/A sessions, and additional teaching. Training will take place continually throughout the 10 months of the LTS. Please plan for about 3-4 hours of learning activities every week throughout the duration of the LTS.

For more info, go to www.LTSEurope.no

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