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We believe that all Christians are invited to discover and understand God’s heart in his Word. The Bible transforms lives, families, societies and nations! SBS will give you the tools you need to study the Scriptures for yourself, build a firm foundation for your faith, as well as equip you to present it to others


Chronological School of Biblical Studies (CSBS) is a ten month school that lets God’s Word speak for itself. It is based on a inductive and chronological study of the 66 books of the Bible. The goal of the method is not just knowledge and understanding of Scripture, but also revelation in order to apply truth and receive personal transformation. We value practical application, fellowship and prayer. The Holy Spirit reveals, and we are dependent on His guidance and wisdom. These ten months will give you a deeper understanding of God’s redemptive story – from creation to final redemption.

Course Information

CSBS is an intense full-time course. During these ten months you will read through the Bible five times, and observe and interpret each chapter. The course is based on the understanding that the Bible was not written directly to us, but to a specific group of people at the time each book was written. Therefore we look at Ancient Near Eastern and 1st Century history, as well as literary types and genres of the Bible, so that we can gain understanding of the historical setting and cultural background of each book.

Through this, we seek to discover the author’s original message to the original receivers of the text. Even so, the Bible was written for us. That means that by understanding the author’s intention, we can learn how the message and the principles which transcend time and culture relate to our lives today. We want to let our thoughts, attitudes and societies be challenged by a Biblical worldview.

As staff we commit to walk with you during this season, not just to learn how to study the Bible, but also aiming for application of the word expressed in personal growth and in reaching out to a world that desperately needs an encounter with God’s love and salvation.

School Staff

Jaco Swart is from South Africa and has been involved with the Chronological School of Biblical Studies in Uganda, East Africa, for quite a number of years. In 2017 he and his wife, Leanne,  and their five children joined the team here at YWAM Grimerud in Norway. He is an avid believer in the saying that a good teacher must be an even better student. Staff and students study and discover together as the Holy Spirit reveals truth to all.

“In 2 Timothy 3:16, 17, Paul mentions some of the benefits of knowing Scripture. However, these are not two stand-alone verses. The previous verses warn Timothy against the reality of imposters and deceivers. Knowing and then applying Scripture have huge benefits; not knowing Scripture carries huge risks.

I believe Norway is in a season of re-awakening to the necessity of the Bible. Come and be equipped to be part of this awakening and be ready to teach those who are turning to God’s Word for the answers to life.


Dates: Aug 20th, 2020 – June 18th 2021 

1st Quarter: Aug – Dec
2nd Quarter: Jan – Mar
3rd Quarter: Apr – June
Graduation: June 18th

Cost: 69,000 NOK Total 

If you are from a B or C category nation, you can apply for a discount.

Application Deadline:

  • For non EU Residents is April 15th 
  • For EU Residents is August 15th 


Course Code: SBS I, II, III (CHR 213, 315, 316 in the U of N College of Christian Ministries)

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