Bible in Context


We are dedicated to equipping and developing people’s skills and passions in how to self-study the word of God. Our desire is to provide effective study tools and the training on how to use those tools on books from each genre of scripture. Our hope is that this course propels each student into a vibrant life long relationship with the Bible. 


The Bible in Context (BIC) is a three month course with the U of N. In this course, students will apply tools/skills learned on a book from each genre of scripture. This will give exposure to the breadth of the bible as well as tool/skill practice. Students will learn how to understand scriptures both in its original context, in its canonical context and then brings its message to today’s context. The students should come away from this course with confidence in how to approach any text of the scriptures. This course will also will be immersed in an international and interdenominational environment which will create opportunity for people to engage well in discussion on scripture through differing perspectives and lenses. The course will also be in an environment that is missional and worshipful in context, providing students with the opportunity to engage in Christian community in a variety of ways. 


Dates: March – June 2020

Price: Coming soon! 

Course Code: CHR/211

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School Staff

Jonathan Spainhour has been working with YWAM since his DTS in 2004. He has primarily worked with Bible education and leadership development throughout that time. Jonathan has over a decade of experience running Bible courses and has pioneered them in Australia and Kona Hawaii for YWAM Ships. He regularly teaches on a variety of subjects in and out of YWAM and has a heart to see the general culture of Biblical literacy increased throughout the Body of Christ. in 2016 he began his graduate studies at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada where he focused on New Testament studies.