Bible for Life

Set apart three months to be equipped and inspired for a lifetime with the Bible!


In this ever changing world there is a huge need for the never changing Word! All Christians are invited to discover and understand God’s heart and Truth in the Bible! His Word transforms lives, families, societies and nations! BFL will give you the tools you need to study the Scriptures for yourself, build a firm foundation for your faith, as well as equip you to share it with others.

Course content

You will discover the overarching story of the Bible – the story of God’s Kingdom. You will read the majority of the Bible and study a number of key books in depth. We explore the Bible responsibly and practically using the inductive Bible study method;

1. Reading and observing the text carefully,
2. Interpreting what the text would have meant to its original readers, in their historical context
3. Applying it to our lives today!

We incorporate rhythms of Bible meditation into our weekly schedule, and each week you will meet with your personal tutor who will coach you in the method and to talk about what you discover in the Word. You will also be trained in leading a solid small group Bible study, or to preach!

Extra info

If you are seeking to increase your knowledge of Scripture, wanting to continue to be discipled and transformed by the truth that the Word brings, then this is a great step on your way to a life with the Bible!

Do you have a call to missions?
This is a great step to be able to effectively share the good news in the nations.

You will have 3-6 lecture sessions per week, part take in the base activities with the other schools and ministries, and work individually a number of hours each day with a weekly assignment.

We work 6 days a week to maximize this season of immersing in Scripture! All lectures will be given in English, but Scandinavian students may do their assignments in their own language.


School Dates

Upcoming school: 
14 September - 8 December 2023.

Next school:  Spring 2024.

Cost and Application

Cost: 32.000 NOK If you are from a B or C category nation, you can apply for a discount.

University of the Nations

Completed DTS

Course Code: On completion of all units of this course you will obtain a Certificate CHR 227 – which meets the Bible Core Curriculum (BCC) Requirements – from the University of the Nations.

Visa: It’s very important to contact us to get more info if you are from a country outside of Europe (Schengen-zone) as you might need a visa. 

Meet the Staff

Tania Ferrer Olin​

Tania comes from Mexico City and did her SBS in YWAM San Diego Baja. She loves tacos with all her heart but also loves tea, fun conversations, reading a good book and she cannot live a day without drinking water. Something she loves about SBS is looking through the plan of redemption, and she likes staffing Bible training schools because it gives her the opportunity to keep studying the word of God more. She believes this is the great investment of her life.

Solveig Grimstad Salbu

Solveig comes from the west coast of Norway. She did her SBS in Montana, USA. She enjoys creative projects, exploring new places, and baking yummy pastries! Solveig is passionate about seeing sons and daughters of God finding freedom and purpose in the Truth. She believes every believer should have the tools to read and understand the Bible for themselves. Being Bible training school staff is really her dream job, because she gets to work with the Bible full time, being soaked and transformed by the Word herself as well!


Bjørnar comes from the south-west coast of Norway, and did his SBS at Grimerud in 2021. He loves to be active, and sports like skiing, cycling, football, tennis and running he thinks is very fun. He is passionate about the Bible and thinks it is very nice to inspire people to study and receive from the Word. He thinks good Bible knowledge is fundamental in the time we live in, and he loves to help facilitate for people to come into the Word, come to love it and become transformed by its content. The chance of being staff on this Bible school at Grimerud, he wouldn’t want to miss!

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