u of n training

What is a U of N course?

The University of the Nations (U of N) is the multiplier within Youth with a Mission. Come, get equipped, step into the fullness of God’s calling on your life!

All of our training schools come from a simple call to follow Jesus. That’s why the Discipleship Training School is the core program of the U of N, and is required for all other U of N courses.

At YWAM Grimerud, we run a growing number of courses, with subjects varying from Missions and Leadership to Bible Study and Teacher’s Training. Most of our training runs in three month long, full-time modules, but we also offer some part-time programs.

Current U of N Courses we offer:

You can join one of our many U of N registered courses or seminars, and become a part of a mission community that is continually learning and growing. Are you in the midst of building your U of N degree or do you simply need to grow within a specific field before you head out? YWAM Grimerud is the place for you.

Most of our U of N courses offer optional field assignments and outreaches. We are also able to offer job experience within all covered subjects, by plugging you into dynamic ministries, such as our Family Ministries, the Kindergarten, or in one of our many pioneering teams. Are you wondering if we can offer experience within a specific area of interest? Get in touch! Chances are, we can!

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