Tania Ferrer Olin
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7 years ago, I had very low expectations of myself. I was lacking in skill and felt I had no voice and no confidence. But today I can say that God has restored my identity in Him. These past years, He has been shaping me and molding me. Today, I believe I am the person He called me to be. I am called to teach the truth, His word, and I am so blessed to be living this life. It is such a big privilege to teach the Bible and lead this school, the School of Biblical Studies (SBS).

In 2013, I moved from Mexico City and started the journey with God in Youth with a Mission (YWAM). I took a Discipleship Training School, joined the staff team, then took a 9-month Bible School (SBS). After that I took a Bible Teaching Course called the Titus Project, all of this located at a base in the northern part of Mexico.

I didn’t stay in Mexico. Almost 5 years later I answered the call of God to serve internationally with YWAM and took a leap of faith, serving far from home. God called me somewhere that I had never dreamed of, or even imagined, and today I find myself sitting in a classroom with other staff and students that are studying the Bible. My current home is Norway, and I am co-leading the School of Biblical Studies that runs every year in YWAM Grimerud.

Teaching isn’t easy, but it is worth it, and I know that little by little I’ll become a good teacher, because God deserves everything I am and what I have. Taking a School of Biblical studies 4 years ago was the best decision in my life. After that I was able to move into the outreach phase, the Titus Project, and let me tell you, I had most amazing time! Through this time, I discovered God’s character and the roots of Christian Faith. In the Titus Project I saw myself discovering skills, gifts, thriving and developing in Bible teaching. Today I can say that I am no longer too afraid or lazy to read, study and apply the Bible. Today I am happy to learn, share and teach about the Word of God!

God’s provision has always been present in my life. Through God’s favor and provision I was given the possibility to reach goals, and dream dreams. I came to Norway with no car or house, but guess what? After only a year and a half, God has provided an apartment and a car, even when I did not ask for it. So, when you say YES to follow God, the journey may be hard but at the same time it is very beautiful. Don’t be scared to leave everything to follow Jesus, He is faithful and will never leave you alone. He will affirm your identity in him and provide all you need.


Are you ready to dive into the Bible and have your life changed? Learn more about SBS here!


Tania Ferrer Olin

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