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Malin is one of our field workers in Central Asia. Together with a handful others she works with the education of women and training of their teachers. In this area it is extremely difficult for women to be educated, since they are only allowed to be taught by other women. This becomes a vicious circle that Malin is part of breaking. Her story goes like this:

I was on my way to a remote village to visit Dana, one of our graduated teacher students.

After a long drive through rough terrain I finally arrived! When I came out from the truck I felt like I had landed on the moon. There was nothing but rocks around me. I saw a couple of kids stand timidly by the houses, their faces looked weathered from the climate. I walked over to talk with them and hear what they had to say about their new teacher. They were very excited and answered “now that Dana is here we actually learn things at the school!”. It is not unusual, in this Central Asian country, that schools are empty, while the books for attendance are full.

When I got to meet Dana, she told me that she works close to 114 hours per week, by her own will. Her eagerness in bringing knowledge and to give the kids hope for the future, were obvious. I remembered what she had told me when she had completed her teaching course. She had grabbed my hand and she placed her o

ther hand on her heart and proclaimed, like a thousand were listening, “I will bring change to my village or die trying! The whole nation will know my village by the knowledge of the people living there!”.

Now I got to see that this was more than just words. It was a real commitment!

Dana is only one of many teachers we have gotten to influence. We see how the teachers we train grow in integrity and lives out good values. They are part of bringing God’s Kingdom to their villages through the teaching they carry. We are part of building a nation!

As security measures the names, locations and other sensitive information been changed or excluded in the retelling of the testimony. The picture is also from another location.


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