UiO KIndergarten

We believe that every child is special and created by God.

We want to walk with them to help them discover their great worth and become secure in their identity.

We follow the “Knowing God” curriculum, which was developed within the University of the Nations. We explore God, his beautifully diverse creation, and the uniqueness of each child and human being. Grimerud Kindergarten is also a certified Montessori educational facility, skilled in using this world renowned developmental pedagogy.

YWAM Grimerud is currently running two kindergartens, both of which are open for the public and recognized by Norwegian educational authorities. If you’ve completed a DTS, you can apply to be a teaching assistant. We also need more staff with teacher and pedagogical degrees.

We can never overestimate the great impact we have in these children’s lives. What an opportunity to develop the next generation of world changers!
If you would like to join this deeply meaningful and community-impacting ministry, we would love to hear from you!

Our staff are involved in a variety of things, including nature walks, sports and playing games, teaching the children various skills and sharing stories from the Bible. We start preparing the older children for school, giving them early reading tools and more.

Some of our staff have been successfully involved in training teachers in developing nations. In many places teachers have access to very little education, and we find that we have much to offer. If you have a passion for passing on knowledge and skills, join us and make use of the many opportunities the kindergarten has for outreach.

For further training, you can build your understanding of the Biblical basis for education by joining the Foundations in Education (FIE) school at Grimerud.

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“As the leader of Grimerud Kindergarten, I continually see the great impact we’re having in these children’s lives. What a privilege! We always need more people with a passion for God and a love for Children to join us. Why don’t you pray about whether this is the right place for you?”Solveig Brudeli