Øystein Project

What is the Øystein Project?

The Øystein Project is a ministry under Family Focus, Youth with a Mission. Our desire is that everyone has an opportunity to hear the message of the Bible in a way that they can understand, so they may be enabled to live life for God and with God. This is how we see our worldview carried out in a practical way. The Øystein CD and our Øystein Sunday School Show is a ministry for this very purpose.

Today many young people in Norway struggle with loneliness, lack of meaning, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, pornography and even more issues. These problems are present in the lives of children, even kids that are between five and ten years old! What if these kids and their families could come to know their heavenly Father who loves them and has a good plan for their lives? Together, it is our goal to reach out to these children and families and, with the gifts we have received from God, be a blessing in their lives.

If you’re interested in having our presentation or distributing our CDs where you live, contact us! You can also use our new DVD (Viggo & Chris for Tweens) as a teaching tool in your tweens group. We currently need partners who are available to help send out CDs. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our ministry, let us know!

Through the Øystein Project, you’ll have the opportunity to join tours, visit churches, and spread the Good News of the Gospel to kids and families!

For more information about YWAM Grimerud’s broader family ministries, see: Family Focus



Click below (Only available in Norwegian) for more information about the Øystein Project. We would love to come and visit your region!

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