Mission Builders

Mission building is a great way to discover what it’s like to be part of a mission community whilst giving a short term, but valuable, contribution to reach the world for God.
The vision for mission building is to include you in the ministry for 1 to 3 months, invest in you and stand with you as you put your talents and skills to meaningful use for the Kingdom.

We believe that every action done in obedience to Jesus is Spiritual. Because of the short term commitment, mission builders typically join one of the teams in operations: Maintenance and Practical projects, Hospitality or the Kitchen. With our growing community development centre new exiting opportunities emerge within the area of agriculture, water and energy technologies. And there is always an event that needs extra staff.
We often also need people that have professional experience: Electricians, Graphic designers, Photographers, builders…
Come and experience the beautiful Norwegian countryside, and join a dynamic mission community for a season. An experience you’ll never forget.

Using my practical skill in building a center that trains missionaries is like a dream come true!