Grimerud farm, Community Development centre

Our vision is simple: To equip for greater impact and to bring sustainable community development to areas of need. Over the last few years this has increasingly become an area of focus here at Grimerud, and now we believe we’re ready to really step into it.

YWAM Grimerud is located on a farm, and God has spoken to us about using the farm to train others. Community development areas we are getting into are: Sustainable agriculture, natural energy (biogas and solar), trees, Aquaponix and clean water. We also have some farm animals that becomes a part of the learning centre.

Our goal is that more and more of our outreaches will carry a community development aspect. We are also connected with current project in other nations that we can connect you with.

Join us as we train with the end in mind:
To bring the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth, in a way that touches every area of life.