Grimerud is also a farm, and we have been running it as an integral part of ministry and training since YWAM came here over 40 year ago. The Farm becomes a platform for local outreach into the farm community, as well as a great training and discipleship platform for our staff and students. The possibilities are endless, and we are increasingly exploring how the Farm can be used to equip missional people for greater impact.

Here you can be a part of running a Norwegian farm as you reach out locally, and you can learn and teach new practical skills connected with community development before you take teams into the nations. We believe in a two handed gospel: Words and action.

If you want to use your agriculture experience in missions, this is a great place to start. If you don’t have any experience, but you are passionate about showing love in a practical way, this is also the place for you. Come and join us in our discipleship journey!

Running the farm includes operating machinery and tractors, caring for animals, and connecting with the local community. You could also get involved with a variety of community development related activities.