Every year, the Lutheran church gathers hundreds of non-believing teenagers to participate in a church program that teaches them about Christianity. Our goal is to serve our local churches by reaching out and helping with this ministry.

Currently we have a team that is focused on “Konfirmasjon” work. We offer our resources to churches, specifically local churches here in the county of Hedmark.

Do you want to teach teenagers about the gospel? Are you interested in investing in a group of young people over a year’s time, sharing life with them and modeling a biblical way of living? If so, join us in reaching out to the Lutheran churches. Our goal is to be present in every church in Hedmark county.

Right now we are involved with two churches: Stange and Ottestad churches. More churches are interested in partnering with us, but we need more staff in order to reach out to these groups. We need people who are interested in teaching and hanging out with young people on a weekly basis, with the purpose being to share faith and life with them.

“Konfirmasjon” work has great potential, and hundreds of non-believers are coming to church to receive these teachings. We are only scratching the surface of what is possible through this ministry.

Come and join us in preaching the gospel to the youth of Norway.