Café UNO

Café UNO was started in cooperation between the churches in Hamar. Our vision is to create a social place for youth from different cultures and opinions to meet and interact. In the years since its opening, Café UNO has become a place with an intentional atmosphere of welcome, where youth feel like they are seen and are free to be themselves. Our purpose is that everyone who comes is able to feel at home.

Everyone who works at Café UNO does so voluntarily, working out of a desire to care for the youth in Hamar.

If you love making coffee or want to help practically in the café while you get to know the youth in Hamar, join as a volunteer at Café UNO!

We are looking for team members who have a desire to be an example for youth in Hamar. We hope that our staff will be able to take genuine notice of the youth and show them that they are worthy of love.

As a volunteer at Café UNO, you will be able to create a space where youth can feel safe and welcome. You can play games, get to know people, make coffee and clean the café while having a lot of fun! Every Thursday we have creative nights, while every other Sunday we host movie nights, as well as many other events. We are also open for our staff to come up with new event initiatives.

Come and join us in making a difference for the youth in Hamar!

For more information about Lighthouse Hamar, our local YWAM team in Hamar, click on the link!

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