Grimerud is home to a wealth of teams and various ministry expressions. We are building a culture of doing new things in new ways, and we are constantly looking for the next thing God wants do amongst us. This is a great place to pioneer something new. We believe God is calling individuals to join in completing the great commission. This calling is central to every ministry we take part in.

Grimerud is a happening place, home to a variety of events and courses. We also serve as a launching pad, a place where people and teams are constantly coming and going, and being sent to do God’s work in the nations.

In YWAM we recognize that anything that is done in obedience to Christ is truly a ministry. We believe in a holistic view of life: That no calling is more or less spiritual than the next. Whether you’re an artist wanting to express God’s greatness through creativity or you love to get your hands dirty doing practical work, Grimerud could be your community and the context of your calling.

  • YWAM Grimerud December 2-26
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  • “Friendship. It’s so rewarding to make new friends and see how God wants to use me while He transforms their lives.”
    Lilla Tram
  • “I love making Grimerud a home where one can find restoration, rest and refreshment.”
    Amelia Svedin
  • “Reaching people with the Gospel who nobody else is reaching, while having a team to go out from and come back to.”
    Chris Duwe
  • “The best about being Grimerud staff is the staff meetings. There I get to hear about everything that God is doing around the world through all our staff and students.”Andreas Nordli