Our two month long adventure in Asia is coming close to the end.  

This journey has been so amazing and God is moving and touching people’s hearts. Life has different phases and so does an outreach. Lets just say, I am way past the honeymoon-phase. But at the same time Thailand has started to feel like home. I have begun to feel like I belong here. Together with the Shan and with the children. As a team we got to see healing, open hearts, peace, comfort, protection and new life. God used us in so many amazing ways! Why would I want to ever leave this place?  


John and Tove Paddon from our home base in Norway are here. They came for a visit and we all joined the Shan ministries staff retreat. In other words, we got to spend our last week and a half in a beautiful resort. Thank you Jesus! As they both are sharing and preaching to the Shan, I take my notes and receive their words almost like I was Shan myself. “There is revival among the Shan people!” John shouts. He continues to read from 2 Chr 7:14; “If my people humble themselves and pray and seek my face (…) I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and restore their land.” Again John shouts “Have faith for the Shan!.” To my surprise that is not what I received. My heart sunk, all I could hear was God saying; “Have faith for Norway Ingrid!” 


During this moment I knew God was about to reveal Himself, which is ironic because it was the first time I was this sure. There is about twenty people around me, but it felt like I was alone. In a good way. God reminds me of promises He has given me for Norway. Promises I had put aside and forgotten. Now there’s tears in my eyes. Then John begins to share about God’s promises to us. What timing! “When we commit or agree to something with God, He is the one working. Don’t be afraid to commit to God, do it, and He will protect and guide us.” “How can I be sure?” I pray out to God. He answers me with His presence and says “I will never leave you.”  


The Holy Spirit is bubbling inside of me. I see Shan people cry out for their own people. Crying for God to fulfill what He has promised. Never have I seen a longing as deep as what I am witnessing. All of them have been through horrible pain and suffering, but God has met them. Now He is pouring out His broken heart for their own people. Truly I have never seen anything like this. My expected response to this is that God will also give me more of His heart for the Shan. But instead God asks me a question; “Don´t you want to cry and long for your own people in Norway like this?”  


Since that day, God has continued to stir my heart for Norway, the next young generation will grow up to know and love Jesus. I want to have faith and pray that God will work, and do what He has promised us to fulfill. What a privilege that God is inviting us into His plans! God still wants to increase my faith in that. Somehow I had lost my faith for my own nation. My people are confused and they are suffering. We are seeking for the way, truth and the life, but many are struggling to find it.  

What do you do when you find yourself in a place that is different than you planned? 

Know that God has a plan. Always. We need trust Him and follow His plan.  

There is power in committing to God. Think about it, you give God full permission to do whatever He wants! When you do; God sees it and says He will be faithful to us. He will bless your promises and dreams. God puts something on you heart for a reason. He places us with a purpose.  


So I will ask the same question God asked me: “Do you want to cry for your own nation?” 


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