Do you want to join as a partner for the development
of Grimerud's new kitchen?

In 1975, Ungdom i Oppadrag moved into Grimerud Gård, an old venerable boarding school for boys run by Eckbo’s legacy. Grimerud quickly developed into a dynamic mission center with influence throughout Norway and out into the nations.

In 1965, just before she died, Oddbjørg Tollefsen, Emanuel Mino’s adoptive mother, received a promise from God that he would set up a mission center in Stange municipality. For all her years as a missionary in the Congo, she had faithfully prayed for her hometown of Stange.

In the years after UIO’s entry into Grimerud, Emanuel Minos followed our development with arguable eyes, and at one point he told us that Ungdom i Oppdrag’s work at Grimerud was the fulfillment of the vision his mother had. It is clear that God had plans for Grimerud as a mission center even long before Ungdom i Oppadrag saw the light of day in 1972.

Over the next 10-15 years, we plan to invest large sums in Grimerud to meet tomorrow’s needs. Our aim is to be able to receive 100 students at a time, house up to 300 staff and increase the meeting capacity in the barn to 700. We need a new dining hall, more staff accommodation, new buildings for students and guests and we will renew the barn. The first construction step is upgrading the kitchen. It has been 30 years since the last time, and the kitchen now needs a complete renovation. We have to replace all machines, benches, floors and walls, and also upgrade the electrical system.

The kitchen is an important center in a living community and our wish is to offer students, staff and guests good and nutritious food prepared in a safe environment. This is a big boost and an important first step in the long-term development of Grimerud. The cost frame for the first construction stage, renovation of the kitchen, is budgeted at NOK five million.

Other Ways of Giving:

Norwegian Bank

Norwegian Bank Account Number: 3000 15 44647
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Bank Transfer from Abroad

IBAN: NO9030001544647
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Account holder: Stiftelsen Ungdom i Oppdrag

Sparebanken Sør,
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IBAN: NO9030001544647
(The first two are letters, not numbers)

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