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We do justice because justice is rooted in the character of God and thus must reflect in the character of His followers.

//Eugene Cho

I am sure we have all found ourselves reading or watching the news, being overwhelmed by all the injustice we see around the world. From wars, to refugee crises, to natural disasters, to human trafficking, etc. You name it. Fact is we are living in a world today where we are constantly confronted by all the bad that is happening around the globe. And our natural response is to shut our eyes, telling ourselves that there probably is someone else that will help. Or maybe it will just miraculously pass? (Been there, done that.)

But shouldn’t we, as followers of Jesus, be the ones to stand in the gap to make the difference? Aren’t we the ones who are blessed to be a blessing? We truly need to understand who we are. And we need to know the One we are following first.

Yes, there is a lot happening around us, but God created us in His image so that we can be His hands and feet on this earth.

Do you know who He is and what He is about? Do you know His love for the broken and lost? Only if you have a clear, present picture of God can you reflect His character. Take the dusty cloth away that has been covering your mirror for too long, accept your true identity in Christ and be the light in the midst of the darkness wherever you are. Living a lifestyle of justice is deeply connected to missions. We are hope-bringers.

Jesus lived justly. Justice was in Jesus.
He reflected justice in how He lived. how he loved, and how He welcomed the stranger, the marginalized, the leper, the widow, the prostitute, and the sick. Jesus reflected justice in how He approached the powers and systems of His age, how He confronted religious leaders, how He embraced, welcomed, and empowered women, and how He confronted ethnic biased and prejudices. Yes, Jesus loved justice, but more so, He lived justly. And here is the truth: He calls us to follow Him.

//Eugene Cho


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