Making a big decision isn’t easy. What if I am wrong? What if what I end up doing is something I’ll regret?

When I was trying to decide to do a Discipleship Training School in Norway, I had a lot of doubts and questions in my mind. There is a lot to think through if you are leaving your home country to move to another culture for 6 months. I was leaving family, friends, familiar comforts and cultural contexts that I knew backwards and forwards. There is a sacrifice and a cost. It’s not a decision to make carelessly or without thought. But at the end of the day I still had to make a choice. No matter how big the choice, for me the most important thing is knowing that God is saying YES!

But how do I know that God is saying Yes? How do I hear God? How do I know it’s His will? These are the doubts that nag at us. We live in world that offers a millions options. It’s like browsing through Netflix trying to find the perfect movie but before you know it 30 minutes has passed and you still haven’t picked one. And now you are tired and grumpy and you just give up in the end. Our generation has got to STOP browsing, leaving all the tabs open, clicking through all the songs, keeping all the options available. We’ve got stop being afraid of failure and disappointment. We’ve got to stop giving up and avoiding commitment at all costs. We are all chasing these perfect moments and experiences, but never seem to find them.

What if the perfect experience, the perfect choice, the perfect decision included heartache? Included pain? Included disappointment? Included discomfort? We run from these things as though they are enemies and yet these are many times the pathways to growth, to maturity, to wisdom and to understanding. I think we can all say we want more of that.

What if it’s not about waiting for that YES from God, but instead us saying YES to Him. He is not up there somewhere in the clouds waiting for us to get it all together and figure everything out. He is all about a journey, a relationship with Him. One thing we can know for sure is that He longs for the nations of the world to know Him. And for whatever reason, He wants to use us to partner with Him in this. This is the biblical narrative His has been speaking since creation. If you are follower of Jesus, it is your destiny to go the nations. For each of us that may look completely different, some may do it in their birth country, but I think the majority of us are being beckoned by the kind eyes of God to follow Him to the nations.

This is what a Discipleship Training School is all about, creating a space and opportunity to know God and His heart for the nations and to become more like Him. Saying YES to come is really saying yes to an opportunity to learn and to grow. Saying YES to a Discipleship Training School may mean saying YES to a future of full-time missions overseas but it may also mean taking what you receive for six months and bringing back the presence of the gospel to your sphere of life at home. Either way you are going to get to know God in deeper ways than before and you are going to want to share that with others, whether it some unreached jungle tribe in Asia or the coworkers in your office job back home. A Discipleship Training School is an opportunity to receive more of God’s heart for you and for others.

Be bold and fearless. Say Yes.

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