Easter camps

Easter Festival 2020:

The Bible – the World’s Most Important Book

UPDATE March 13: 

Due to the situation we are in now in relation to the Coronavirus and the advice of the local councils in the Hamar region that:

“All events that are not necessary now and which can be postponed are recommended to be postponed.” and “All events, except normal operations and activities, such as meetings, gatherings, etc. where more than 50 people are gathered, are recommended to be postponed.”

We have decided unfortunately to cancel this year’s Easter festival. We are very sorry for this. 


Why is this old book the best selling, most read, most translated, most hated and most beloved book in world history? 

This year we will see why this book is so strong that it caused the Vikings to lay down their swords. We will examine whether the Bible tells fun stories or hard facts, or perhaps both. We will learn how to open this thick book, and discover that we can understand what it says. And that makes a difference for you today! 

As always, we should also talk about missions, boy and girl relationships according to the Bible and everyday life as a follower of Jesus. This is going to be exciting! 

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