Outreach Phase

What is Outreach Phase?

The outreach phase of a Discipleship Training School is a second three months of traveling to another country (or countries) where you put into practice what you learned during the lecture phase. Together, with your DTS outreach team, you will have the opportunity to experience God’s heart for other people groups as you seek to show God’s love in a cross-cultural setting. Your entire team will be given many opportunities to minister and serve in a variety of practical ways and creative expressions depending on the culture and ministries we partner with. We want to have an expectation to see the kingdom of God advance and an eagerness to be ready to be His hands and feet. Be prepared to grow in boldness as you share your faith and expect to be stretched as you work in a team environment with others.

The outreach time will last from 8-10 weeks and the location possibilities are endless.

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