Here's the enrollment checklist!

Enrollment Checklist

Once we have accepted you into our Discipleship Training School, you must secure your spot by paying the Registration Fee of 3,000 NOK. This amount will be subtracted from your total school fee, and cannot be refunded.

There are two different ways:

– Click here to pay through Paypal
– If you prefer to send a wire transfer instead, please use the information below:

Bank name: Sparebanken Sør
Bank address: PB 200, 4662 Kristiansand, Norway
Swift Code: SPSONO22 
Our bank account no. (IBAN): NO81 30001469343
Name of recipient: Stiftelsen Ungdom i Oppdrag
Address of recipient: Grimerudvegen 77, 2312 Ottestad, Norway

Mark your payment with “Registration fee DTS [Your name]”. 

You will receive a confirmation from us when we have received your payment.

(Only applicable to non-Schengen citizens)

If your nationality according to your passport is one outside of the Schengen region, you need a visa in order to do a Discipleship Training School with us. Note that the visa is only valid for schools and staff roles. (You cannot get a different job or go to a university on this visa).

To apply for a visa costs 6,300 NOK, no matter if your application is approved or rejected. The cost is fully on you to pay. Many nationalities can start the application online, but still need to hand in the documents at a visa application center in person. Depending on where you live, this means that you might need to arrange travel and go across your nation to get to an office. Obviously this may imply a greater cost for you. But hey, who does not love a road trip!?

The processing time is 3- 4 months, from the moment you go to the visa application center and hand in all your documents. Sometimes it goes faster, but for some it can take even longer. Therefore, we suggest that the ideal time to apply for your visa is 6 months prior to the school start date.

When you apply for a visa you need to hand in personal documents that you get from the UDI and fill out with your information. In addition to that you need the following:
– Passport
– Two recent passport size photos with white background
– Two personal documents that you receive from us

The application process varies slightly for different nationalities, but you can be sure that we will guide you through the process and we will get you all the information you need. As soon as you have paid your Registration Fee we will send you your documents to start your visa application process.

If you end up coming back to staff with Grimerud or another YWAM location within Norway, you need to renew your visa every year, and you can only stay here for a total of 4 years on this visa. The renewing of the visa costs 6,300 NOK each time.


The amount of your DTS lecture phase is 29,500 NOK. At this point you have already paid your deposit of 3,000, so 26,500 NOK remains.

We will send you a bill before your school starts, which covers half of the amount, and is to be paid a month before the first day of lecture phase.

Then we will send you another bill with the 2nd half of the amount a month before the school starts, which is to be paid a few days before the start of the school. (Your DTS staff will inform and guide you through this.)


The outreach cost varies depending on where you go, but is in the range of 15,000-25,000 NOK. During your lecture phase you will get billed for the outreach phase, and it must be paid before you go on outreach. If you are unable to pay for the outreach, you cannot go.

The easiest way to travel here from oversees is to fly. There are a couple of different Oslo airports; you want to fly into Oslo Airport Gardermoen [OSL]. We suggest that you use google flights to buy your flight tickets as early as possible in order to get a good deal.

To get to the Grimerud Base from the airport you will take a train (unless you are a family with extra luggage, then we will arrange a car to pick you up at the airport). At the airport you can buy a train ticket at the NSB automats. Please buy a one way ticket to Stange (it costs 159 NOK). You will find the trains one floor below the airport, and the train ride takes approximately 45 minutes. We will collect you by car at the Stange train station.

You are able to arrive a few days early from the start of the school date in order to get settled and get over jetlag. There will be a cost per day for food and housing before the start of the school. 


We recommend Norwegian and SAS airlines for good flights. Again, you want to fly into Oslo Airport Gardermoen [OSL].

You can also look at train rides at NSB. You can either get off at Stange station or Hamar station.

If you would rather go by bus, we recommend Nettbuss to you. Go to Stange or Hamar.

We are committed to acquiring a background check (or police check) from every student.

The reason is as follows: According to Youth With a Mission’s guidelines, all who are enrolled in DTS are required to submit a background check upon arrival, since one will be in contact with children and young people through camps, youth clubs, in the community and other circumstances. 

When you arrive at Grimerud your document cannot be older than three months.

The process of getting your background check varies in different nations. You may apply for the background check at your local police station or online.  Once you have paid your Registration Fee we will email you a personal letter which explains why we need the background check for you to attach to your application.

Does your heart burn as you dream about sharing the love of Jesus? Have you finally found where you belong and can make a difference? Do you feel like the only thing stopping you from going is your lack of finances? Been there, done that!

Let us introduce to you: Fundraising!

It is a foreign thing for many cultures, we get that. But inviting people to invest financially in God’s Kingdom, so that you can invest all your time in it actually makes sense. Click here to find more tips and help on getting your fundraising going! 

Every staff and student raises money to be here, so we all know exactly how you are feeling. Reach out to us and we would be happy to share some ways that helped us fundraise with integrity and fun!  And remember that ultimately, God is your provider and source. 

If you loose your luggage on a trip, travel insurance is your best friend. It also helps for many other occurrences. When you travel on outreach you’ll need travel insurance from the moment you leave. 

We require all students and staff to have travel health insurance during their Discipleship Training School. This is to cover emergencies during your lecture or outreach phase. 

For EU citizens: 

You will need insurance to cover your outreach phase.  

For NON-EU citizens: 

You will need insurance to cover the entire DTS, both lecture and outreach phase. 

There are a variety of travel insurance companies. Here are a few options to help your search: 

Talent Trust: medical insurance made for missionaries  http://www.talent-trust.com/

World Nomad: flexible dates medical insurance https://www.worldnomads.com/

The European Health Insurance Card officially documents that you are entitled to coverage of medically necessary healthcare in another EEA country under the same conditions as that country’s own nationals. You should carry the card if you will be staying temporarily in another EU/EEA country or Switzerland.

Please bring your personal health insurance card when you come to DTS. If you do not yet have one, you can apply for one online for free.

Depending on your outreach location you might need to take vaccinations while in Norway, before you go on outreach. Therefore, please bring your immunization card (if you have one) so we know what vaccinations you have taken already.

The vaccinations are on you to pay and can cost up to 1,000 NOK.

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