Awake DTS

What is the Awake DTS?

God gave us our passions. That spark in us that makes us feel alive. We can’t repent for them, we can’t run from them, they are our destiny. We have to run towards them. ⁠

Because what the world desperately needs are people who are fully alive, fully awake. 

We want to cultivate the passions and skills God gave us by learning more about who He is and letting Him breathe life back into us. 


Dates & Cost

Lecture Phase

2023 School:
January 4 - March 24, 2023

Cost: 32,000 NOK

Outreach Phase

2023 School:
March 25 - May 20, 2023
Debrief and Graduation:
May 20 - May 27
Cost: 33,000 NOK
(includes airfare, depends on outreach location)

Child Costs

Lecture Phase:
0-2 years – 0 NOK
3 -16 years – 5,000 NOK

Outreach Phase:
0-2 years – 4 000 – 6 000 NOK
3- 16 years – 12 000 – 17 000 NOK
(includes airfare, depends on outreach location)

Visa: It’s very important to contact us to get more info if you are from a country outside of Europe (Schengen-zone) as you might need a visa. 

Meet the Staff

Ådne Berge, Luctor Van Der Merwe, Nathan Jackson, Rachelle Rummage, Andreja Klinc, Jonathan Castle, Tom Anders Olsen, Martha Andersland, Sara Loise Lie



 Learn how to lead worship and build a team. Grow in music and song writing. Connect with others that want to use music to change the world. 


Horse and Farm Ministry

Help take care of care of horses and take part in lambing season. You will get practical, hands on learning on a farm. 


Our barista track is about cultivating a value for hospitality and a really good coffee.  The home of this track is in our cafe, The Bird and Baby, which is located in the heart of our main building.

Awake dts

This DTS is a classic DTS with YWAM Grimerud. 

We are a part of the Youth With a Mission network.

For more info about Discipleship Training Schools visit


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