What is a discipleship training school?

A Discipleship Training School (DTS) is six-month journey of experiencing God in missions. This is an opportunity to know Him more closely and to understand your part in the story of the His kingdom. Together with a passionate community of friends, you will be able to apply the truth of God to your life and go on new adventures with Him. As He shares His heart with you’ll find that He wants to use you to impact the lives of others. Come join our diverse and rich multicultural and multigenerational community as we partner with Him in seeing His Kingdom come.

The first three months you will spend in lecture phase at Grimerud. Each week you will learn something new as experienced teachers from around the world join you in class. This time will also include worship, prayer, practical work, and intentional community. After this you will leave Norway for three more months for outreach phase. During this time you will travel to another nation to put your training into practice. 

who is dts for?

Discipleship Training School is for those who are ready to take the next step with God. Are you surrendered to God and seeking Him to learn what’s next? Do you want to learn to study God’s word and learn who He is? Are you interested in learning how to be a missionary at your school or job? If so, then doing a DTS is for you.

What is an elective?

An elective is an extra training opportunity during your DTS to focus on the things that interest you most and where you can use your skills/gifts/passions to serve God. This will be something you do in addition to the regular DTS schedule (class, work duties, worship, etc,). The elective will include a few extra hours each week of focused learning and practical application alongside an experienced staff in your chosen area of interest.

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What is lecture phase?

The lecture phase of a Discipleship Training School is three months of teaching and discipleship in the context of our community. Every week you will explore topics that focus on knowing and following God. We invite missionaries from around the world to come and share from their wealth of experience and knowledge. They will guide you in applying truth to your journey with God.

During the lecture phase you will hear teaching on hearing the voice of God, applying God’s word to your life, and walking it out in a live-learn environment. We believe that learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Therefore the lecture phase will consist of a variety of activities outside the class, such as local outreach, community groups, one-on-one processing, and practical work.

weekly teaching topics

Hearing God’s voice
Identity in Christ
Worldview and Missions
Nature and Character of God

Understanding the Bible
The Holy Spirit

What is outreach phase?

The outreach phase of a Discipleship Training School is a second three months of traveling to another country (or countries) where you put into practice what you learned during the lecture phase. Together, with your DTS outreach team, you will have the opportunity to experience God’s heart for other people groups as you seek to show God’s love in a cross-cultural setting. Your entire team will be given many opportunities to minister and serve in a variety of practical ways and creative expressions depending on the culture and ministries we partner with. We want to have an expectation to see the kingdom of God advance and an eagerness to be ready to be His hands and feet. Be prepared to grow in boldness as you share your faith and expect to be stretched as you work in a team environment with others.

The outreach time will last from 8-10 weeks and the location possibilities are endless.

cost and dates

Lecture Phase:

  • 29 500 NOK

Outreach Phase:

  • 15 000 – 25 000 NOK (includes airfare)

Lecture Phase:

  • 0-2 years – 0 NOK
  • 3 -16 years – 3 600 NOK

Outreach Phase:

  • 0-2 years – 4 000 – 6 000 NOK (includes airfare)
  • 3- 16 years – 12 000 – 17 000 NOK (includes airfare)

January 2020 DTS: 

  • Lecture phase: Jan 12 – April 1 
  • Outreach phase: April 2 – June 3
Fall 2020 DTS:
  • Lecture phase: Oct 5 – Dec 27 2020
  • Outreach phase: Dec 28 – Feb 28 2021
January 2021 DTS:
  • Lecture phase: Jan 3 – March 24
  • Outreach phase: March 25 – May 25
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