Noah Samuel Franz
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What God did in my DTS: A Testimony

Wherever you are in your walk with Jesus, doing a Discipleship Training School (DTS) is always an opportunity to meet God and get to know him in a more raw and intimate way. For me, DTS was the rediscovery of God’s love and how He cares for me practically. 

He is love, and love doesn´t force others but requires a choice from both sides. So I had to make the step into greater trust towards Him to enable Him to provide for me even more. I went into DTS with just a little money in my bank account which caused me to cling to it like crazy.  I thought finances were something that I can and have to handle by myself. 

Starting DTS without the money even for the first half (Lecture Phase), was a huge worry. But as the DTS schedule got busier and I worked more hours than my previous job as a bartender, I quickly forgot the problem with my finances. I pushed it to the side because I kind of wanted to forget it. 


I didn’t see a solution, which caused me to do something very good: Surrender to God. I felt so unable to get all the money in time and every day that passed by just intensified this feeling. So one day when I was reading “Making Jesus Lord” by Loren Cunningham (one of the books we read during the DTS), the part about surrendering all my rights to God just hit me. I surrendered my Finances to God and said: “God, all my money is now yours, please tell me what you want to do with it so I can steward it the right way and do it for you”. 


I totally surrendered all my money to God who instantly told me how much money I should give to two specific friends.It was a stramge feeling giving my money away instead of getting some, I managed to get the money to them in a few days. Let me say: it requires trust for many of us to give away to someone else when we think we should be the one receiving. Days went by, weeks went by. The time till the fundraising deadline decreased while my stress level increased. But as I kept reminding myself that God owns my money now and that He owns the whole universe, I was able to trust Him a little longer every time. The deadline arrived, and I met with our DTS Staff responsible for finances and we talked about the situation. My plane tickets for our outreach location were the only ones in our group that weren’t purchased yet. My staff reminded me of the urgency of this situation but also voiced his support and that he believes God will provide for me. I mentioned the last ideas I had to get some money even though those weren’t looking promising. I needed to work out a plan today on how to get the money in the next few days. I was feeling torn back and forth between trusting God and just giving up, giving in to the pressure of thousands of euros waiting to be funded somehow in a matter of hours.


We reached out to God. The DTS Staff stood in prayer for me and my situation. As I started to pray, God gave me a huge shift in how to view this situation. Instead of coming to him with unbelief and doubt, begging him to do something, I thanked him for the privilege to stand right in front of this huge miracle that is about to happen. I reminded God that He is responsible to provide for me because He told me to start this DTS.

Trusting Him, I signed up for DTS. 

Trusting Him, I booked my plane tickets to Norway. 

Trusting Him, I packed my stuff and traveled to Grimerud. 

He leveled all my paths to DTS so why should I stop trusting him now? He was not done with me, but He is only able to provide if I let him. We focused on God again as we prayed together and looked away from the pressure of our circumstances. A few hours later, another DTS Student came up to me and, long story short, wanted to pay everything that I still needed for my Lecture Phase. My heart filled with joy I gave this testimony to people around me throughout the day. A family member that knew about my struggle with finances sent me money that same day in the evening. Another close family member who is struggling with finances herself sent me a huge amount of money days after that. God provided everything I needed. 


Remember what I began with? Wherever you are in your walk with Jesus, doing a DTS is always an opportunity to meet God and get to know him in a more raw and intimate way. For me, this was stepping into greater trust and greater devotion to my Father and Provider. Being in DTS was a beautiful safe place to dare the next step. People all around encouraged me, listened to me, prayed for me and with me, supported me, and reminded me of who our God is! If you want to take the next steps in your walk with Jesus into greater freedom, a more intimate relationship with God, a greater quality of life, a life full of purpose and joy, you should consider using a DTS as a start for that journey. God is always as close as we let him. 


Be encouraged by what David is writing in Psalms 20:1-2,4-5: 

“May the LORD answer you when you are in distress; may the name of the God of Jacob protect you….May He send you help from the sanctuary and grant you support from Zion. May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. May we shout for joy over your victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God.“


Learn more about DTS here!


Noah Samuel Franz

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