Philip Dosa

The idea of calling can be confusing at times to many, but to me it has been clear: I have always felt called to go. It wasn’t so much of a clear voice or specific call to a nation or an organization, but a stirring in my heart. I just couldn’t get it out of my head and live life like everyone around me. The dream of owning a house or building a career just didn’t ever interest me. Even going to college felt like someone else’s story.

I wanted to go. I wanted to be used, to do something that mattered. I longed for meaning, for purpose, for impact. But for years I didn’t go. Was it the right timing or a season of preparation? Maybe I wasn’t ready. Sometimes it’s hard to know. But one day the desire to go someday was met by the invitation to go today. The opportunity was there and so was the peace of God. All the sudden it wasn’t a question of if this was where God was leading. He was. Now it was the question, was I willing to respond.

I went from dreaming of going to selling my car, fundraising and buying plane tickets. Is this real? I have been waiting for it and now it is here. All the sudden the fear start to creep in and the impossibilities. I began to realize the distance from where I was to where God was leading me was significant. This wasn’t going to be easy or just happen, it was going to take a yes in my heart again and again. But somehow, by God’s grace, the yes was there over and over. I realized that all I needed to be ready was to say yes. He’s got the rest handled.

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Philip Dosa

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