About us

Vison statement. Mission statement. Values

YWAM Grimerud equips missional young people and raises them up to live whole heartedly for God. Our passion is to reach the least reached nations as well as the post-Christian west. We want to cross borders into foreign cultures and into all spheres of society.

God has spoken to us: “What you hope for in the nations, let it happen here!”
Our passion is also to be a part of a national movement in Norway, calling this nation back to God.

Our heart beats for revival that brings reformation, a new wave of missions to the nations, and for the unity of the body of Christ. We believe we are a community that is a catalyst to champion new teams and ministries to Norway and to the world. 

Leadership team.

YWAM Grimerud is led by a core team of three couples. Nils-Andreas & Lenanette Honningdal, Andreas & Heather Karstad, Christoffer & Heidi Elstrøm. 

Since 1975 when the first young families moved in, the lakeside farm called Grimerud has been a missions training centre. From the beginning this place has been instrumental in an awakening movement in the Norwegian church, calling young people to committed discipleship, and a missional lifestyle. Now, 40 years later. YWAM Grimerud is still buzzing with life, housing more ministries and UofN schools than ever. We are a community of all ages, with lots of young people and families serving together in the great commission.