Amelia Kjøde Rødal
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Worship has many definitions. But when we say the word, what do we mean? Is it a certain type of music? Is it raising our hands in church? Is it anything we do that honors the Lord? Very simply, worship is about our heart posture. And at the same time it is so much more.

Worship is also about the music and our physical posture. Worship expresses love and trust to God and honors Him. It is powerful because it is a door opener for God’s presence. It has the power to impact people. Worship is a great gift God has given to us, and leading worship is an important responsibility.

Many times after leading a time of worship, throughout the next week I hear people walking around singing those songs. Possibly without them even realizing it, I have put words in their mouths that they go about meditating on during the day. Leading worship implies taking people on a journey, one that leads them from their present position to closer to God. It is a servant role, helping people position themselves for the Holy Spirit to bring more revelation of God. Leading worship is so simple and yet so complex!

Worship is about the heart – yet it is also about some of the really nitty gritty stuff. It’s the practical things like the effort to study an instrument or singing, to put the time in to understand music theory and practice with your band. It takes work, it takes time, and it takes teamwork! When we prepare things like songs, keys, instruments and direction we have lots of decisions to make. What we choose and why matters, and it is fueled by our heart posture.

Worship is also about our character. We cannot look away from the fact that what we sing on Sundays (or whatever day you go to church) is meant to be lived out on Monday. Please hear me right, I’m not saying we need to be perfect and blameless. But I believe that God searches for soft hearts that run back to Him when they have stumbled and that long to be shaped by Him to become more like Jesus. I believe He looks for our trust, love and obedience – walked out in everyday life.And that is where our authority comes from. We may be anointed and talented and that can take us far, but we won’t last long unless we have the good character and integrity to carry the weight of the responsibility. 

At YWAM Grimerud we long to see a generation of worship leaders who will go right where God calls them – whether it’s a stadium or a stage in front of 10,000 people or a small house church in a village in a foreign country- Those who will live a whole life, loving God with their words and their actions. That’s why we run our worship elective.


If you would like to join us for our Worship elective, apply for a DTS and select “worship elective” in your application. 


Amelia Kjøde Rødal

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